Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cookie Giveaway!!!

I just got some new cookie cutters, and I am so excited about it I'm going to do a giveaway!  Here's how it will work - If you are already a follower of my blog, just leave a comment and you'll be entered in the drawing.  For every friend or family member you're able to get to follow my blog, leave a comment, and you'll get an entry, and they'll get an entry.  The more people you can get to "follow" my blog, the more chances you will have to win!  I will choose the winner tomorrow at 4 Pm Mountain time using a random number generator.  I will ship the cookies anywhere in the US!  Are you wondering what kind of cookies you will receive?  Here's a hint!

If you are a fan of this show (like my geeky sisters) then you will absolutely know what these are!  Now get everyone over here so you can win!  I will post the completed cookies here tomorrow.


  1. OK....what are those?
    Hey, I introduced you to Holly Moeller and her party business and she LOVES you!! You're a hit.
    I have a "custom" order in for this week, because I think you're amazing. It's not just the cookies and the way they look...they TASTE fabulous, too, so it's not like wasted $$ to have something that is just pretty. That makes you pretty AMAZING, Jen!!

  2. Thanks Sandi! I'll post the pictures of the finished cookies tomorrow, maybe then you can figure it out! I look forward to baking for you tomorrow!

  3. I don't think your sisters are geeky...