Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I would like you to meet someone...

He's big and strong, and has a glistening white body.....

He's my new mixer!  I finally purchased my dream mixer (I know, I'm a dork for dreaming of mixers), and I love it!  It's a Globe 8 qt commercial mixer, and it makes dough like you wouldn't believe.  I've used my beloved KitchenAid 6 qt mixer for the last 9 years, and this bad boy just dwarfs it!  I wanted to say thanks to everyone that bought Valentine's Day cookies, you are the only reason I was able to buy this!  There are many, many cookies in his future!


  1. That's a large caution sticker on it.

  2. Yeah, they didn't make this monster to be pretty! He's all business!