Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Another cupcake tower!

I know the name of my blog is Exquisite Cookies, but I've been making so many cakes lately!  I am currently working on a few cookie designs, though, so we'll focus on cookies more my next post, promise! Cupcakes seem to be getting more and more popular for weddings, and I can see why - they're more affordable than a large cake, they are easier to serve, and they are very cute!  The other thing that is nice, is you can have a few different designs and colors.  You don't have to settle on one element, you can have 3 or more different elements!  You can also add a small cake to the top tier to have the tradition of cutting the first slice of cake.  These cupcakes were 3 different flavors, spice cake with almond buttercream, chocolate with chocolate buttercream, and red velvet with coconut cream buttercream.

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