Sunday, April 3, 2011

Easter Cookies, Part two!

I wanted to make a few more Easter designs for my shop for Easter, and I saw the cutest bunny cookie cutter, and I thought it would make the best chocolate bunny cookie!  I've always loved how a tall chocolate bunny looked in my kids easter basket, but honestly, who wants their kids eating a whole pound of chocolate?  So let them eat cookies!  I also made them in vibrant colors, and pure white.

They turned out so cute - and they are huge!  They are 6" by 3", and covered in a shimmery layer of sanding sugar.

I also made some more eggs.  I decided I didn't love the color palate of my previous eggs, so I punched up the color a little bit.

Have I mentioned that brown is officially my favorite accent color?  It compliments just about every color.  I made 3 dozen personalized eggs, so I was able to play around with different colors and designs.

 I have a friend that volunteers at the greek festival every year, and he suggested I make some Greek Orthodox eggs.  Their Easter tradition includes the most gorgeous red eggs, and I wanted to honor their tradition with some red and gold egg shaped cookies.

I also added some bite sized sugar cookies to my etsy shop.  They are so cute and tiny!  Spotted eggs, flowers, tulips and chicks in my new bright color palate.  They would be so cute on a glass plate or sprinkled in Easter baskets!

I will be featured for a give-away on Sugar Co. this week, so if you want some free cookies from me - head on over to their page!  I also did some custom logo cookies for their shop in Arizona, so look for that post later today.  

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