Saturday, May 21, 2011

5 Layer Red Velvet Cake

Yes, 5 layers.  It would have been 6, but my dear hubby decided he needed a snack.  I'm resourceful though, so I crumbled the rest of that layer and used it to decorate the sides of the cake.  I got the basic recipe from one of my favorite blogs - bakerella -  It's a great recipe!  Now I have to tell you why I made this cake.  It's a little embarrassing.  I was baking a wedding cake, and I had already baked all of the chocolate layers (6), and I was moving on to the 3 middle layers.  I gathered all of my ingredients and realized I didn't have everything I needed to make red velvet cake!  I had 40 minutes left on the timer for my last 16" base layer, so I ran to the nearest store for the missing items.  I hurried home with a few minutes to spare, and started making the red velvet batter.  As I started mixing everything, I realized they hadn't even ordered red velvet!  I was supposed to be making spice cake!  That explained why I didn't have all of the right ingredients!  So instead of wasting all of this batter, I divided it between 6 pans.  Oh well.  Lesson learned!  All of my co-workers got to enjoy cake that night!

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  1. Ooh, that looks so decadent!

    Thanks for the friend add on Food Buzz! I love meeting new blog friends!