Thursday, May 19, 2011

A tool kit dad actually wants!

I was trying to think of a good cookie collection for Fathers Day, and I thought of the typical tie, but what dad doesn't like tools?  Maybe it's just the men in my life, but tools are a big part of their day.  Maybe the man in your life is a computer genius, or an accountant - but really, even if it isn't their profession, doesn't every man like to think they're handy with tools?  So here's a tool set they'll actually be glad to receive!  Because really, all dad ever wants is something to eat!


  1. love the wood grain! i just got this cutter set - can't wait to use it!!

  2. What great cookies, you're so talented. Just found your blog through foodbuzz, now following - do hop over and check mine out.

  3. You are a very talented person. All your posts are perfect!! My father will be very pleased to have them as a gift for the father's day...